Topics I am interested in supervising

by Deniss Kumlander

  • Graph theory topics (especially all connected to cliques)
  • Operational research, discrete optimisation etc, for example
    • Techniques for improving performance on financial systems processing a lot of data
    • Logistic (routes, warehousing etc)
    • Payments Netting
  • Software engineering languages (programming languages): comparison, advantages and disadvantages, selecting for projects etc,for example Silverlight, Flash, HTML5, Ruby, Clojure
  • Soft biometric identification (example)
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or DaaS
  • Software projects management techniques, problems etc. (example)

... Perhaps something from this list or topics shown on this picture.


The following list is just illustrative. If you already have a topic, which is inline with earlier list: you are welcome to propose it.

  • Selecting a programming language to implement a web application for a team/company
  • Methods to improve software engineering/software design/software release process in (a company): from analysis of current problems to a solution)
  • Finding maximum independet set: practical approaches
  • ..

Latest updates: possible topics

  • OAuth 2.0
    Consuming OAuth protocol in somekind local systems

  • Software architect role in agile projects
    In the agile development we are moving away from the waterfall method. This means that we have no way to build the full architecture of the system in the beginning phase since we have no basis for this, no specification to follow, no full description of features that will be implemented and no time to be spent on this task.
    In the result we are turning around the process of building the architecture - from the concept in the beginning to the periodic refactoring after x iterations and the constant control of what is happening in the system, monitoring of problems developers are dealing with due undecided or new gaps in the architecture.
    All this (but in the more structure way) is described in this article, and presented  here.

  • Clouds
    There are a lot of question that we must consider selecting whether to go to cloud and to which. I think that works analyzing that question will be both modern and interesting. Here are some links you can use narrow down the theme and planning the work
  • TDD
    TDD - is a very popular technique nowadays. Unfortunately there is very little number of tools that are universal. Therefore it is necessary to clearly identify for yourself - where the tool should be used and can save a project from failure and where appliing the tool can be either pointless or even harmfull.

  • Sceduling problem
    Here is an extremely motivating post about the scheduling problem for beginners with a background in math. Clearly stated easiness for small and ordinal problem and complexity for large scale problems or those, which have different kinds of restrictions. Actually it also refers to this paper, which should be the next step getting into the scheduling problem. Note: A lot of work-places has such problems (hospitals, educational centers etc) so the diploma can treat the problem within the organisation specific restrictions set and so be analytic as well.

PS: Motivating lectures